A trip will always start before boarding, even, since you’re thinking of what to do or where to go on holidays.

You must get ready and take into account all of the travel arrangements to have a great time… tickets, clothes, money… and, never forget… where exactly to start the adventure.

hotel photo

If you have family here… huge advantage you have dude! but in case you don’t, it’s necessary to make sure a good experience beginning from the place you will rest…

Hotels will always be the first places in your mind when thinking about your stay in a new city… so, I’ve been taking a look over what I consider the best accommodations to stay.

I will start by giving you some information about the hotels located in the commonly favorite neighborhood of Chicago (mine one) according to many opinions I have heard… the downtown.

The first hotel I can recommend you if you like rocking is ACME! a cheap, small and with an awesome thematic decoration place… a rock n’ roll enviroment for you to feel totally cool and relaxed… it’s located a few blocks near the Magnificient Mile, where you can find many shops to get all of the stuff you wish. It’s also close to the subway…  The service is great!  You can rest, go to the gym, have a coffee (hey!, there’s even a great plus!… you just have to tell the service at what time you wish a cup of coffee or tea in the morning, in your room, and there they will be with your delicious just prepared hot drink to start your day). So it’s a great hotel to stay if you’re traveling with friends, in couple, or with your family, but specially if you enjoy being cool. Comments of people who have been there qualify it as a 4.5 stars hotel.

Now, close to Acme, you’ll find the hotel Springhill, also reviewed with an average of 4.5 stars by guests. It has a familiar enviroment, really quiet despite the revelry zone in the downtown around the accommodation… This one has several services ready for you to enjoy your stay. Among them I can tell you their laundry has machines that work with coins, and in your huge room (and I say huge ’cause they’re really large) you will count on a coffee maker and a small fridge, which is a point in favor if you prefer autoservice… and the location… awesome! Really near the Loop and the North River… popular sightseers destinations in which you will have terrific times with your travel buddies.

I can also recommend Homewood Suites. It’s an excellent option to go with your family, the location is also in the downtown, which is really good as you can program lots of different activities to do and they provide a complete breakfast and a dinner on weekdays that includes beer and wine in turn, for you to have the complete energy for your journey!.  The rooms are amazing, since they have a view that makes you wish to be looking through the window all night long.  Guests seem to feel really comfortable with the service, and I’m sure if they come back at anytime they wouldn’t hesitate in booking their stay in Homewood again. They really make you feel like at home.

So… it’s up to you… I just gave you the three most fantastic options in my opinion for the rest you might need after hanging out and make the most of all that the city has to offer you, I really hope this information can help you to choose the best place for you to – as I did- fall in love with Chicago and have the greatest vacation experience ever.

Next time, I’ll  start telling you about the next thing to do… EATING!!… I know you must be more than interested in it! and I’m sure you will want to visit the places I will tell you about. So just wait for my next post and keep convincing yourself that Chicago is the best destination for holidays!

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