Let the Night Magic Take Over You!

Chicago has so much nightlife that you may have to schedule one more day just to recover, and I would need good coffee for the hours it would take me to write about all the places that I’m sure you will not regret going!

From dance clubs to chic lounges, you will find everything and more … so keep well rested! Wanna ride in style from the burbs? Call our friends for Naperville limo service. These guys take care of all our peeps all over Chicago

For now, we’ll start talking about 5 great places that have stolen my heart and squeezed out all of my energy!!

Studio Paris
If you are eager to relate, visit Studio Paris, the most popular night destination of Chicago. Located upstairs of the Paris Club restaurant, Studio Paris offers an amazing lounge under a sliding glass roof that opens to the beautiful landscape of Chicago. You can enjoy the music chosen by DJ guests from around the world, while enjoying a cocktail in a giant bar of over 7 meters long!

SUB 51
And if you’re wanting to be on another level, there are clubs below the sea level. SUB 51, a private lounge beneath the restaurant HUB 51, becomes an exclusive nightclub every weekend, where resident DJ’s generate rhythms that can make you dance all night long! and even beyond the dawn, as if after all that dancing you’re hungry, the restaurant offers discounts for those who go in pajamas and even more for those who show up with the clothes of the previous day … A whole special attention!

Music Box Theatre
And for a bit of fun and culture do not hesitate to go to the Music Box Theatre and stay to watch a movie, this one has a beautiful “atmospheric” architecture. The blue ceiling of the theater with bright stars and clouds moving suggests a night sky, while other details such as round towers, and the chambers of the organs look more like an Italian courtyard, so you feel like you’re watching a film in a palace outdoors somewhere far, far away from the Windy city.

On Fridays and Saturdays, there are two midnight screenings of two different films, often independent. Ah! and I forgot to take into account the ghost of the theater, Whitey, who used to be a former manager. Buaha!

Lee’s Unleaded Blues
On another subject, we know that Chicago is known for its blues scene, so it is undoubtedly a fault not to visit bars dedicated to this style. And to wrap yourself in the wonder of classic blues era, the ideal place is Lee’s Unleaded Blues on the south side of the city. This local bar is a favorite of the inhabitants of the city, I call it “the blues museum” and it is no wonder, as it has existed since the 1970s and remains as authentic as in the beginning!

Dance Dance Party Party
But if you’re a woman and you want to experience what is an only girls party and have a real flashback to the time when you danced around your house by yourself, pretending you were Madonna, then you can not stop going to the Dance Dance Party Party.

“No booze. No boys. No judgment” is the motto of where you can do anything you want without fear of feeling embarrassed. It is the latest dance phenomenon throughout the country and women of all ages can come on Wednesdays between 7-8pm and Sundays 4-5 and relax!

The Blue Man Group
And finally, in my opinion, if you only have a chance to see a show in Chicago, I would go to see the Blue Man Group. The “Blue Men” offer a full multimedia display of color, light and music. Their shows are completely unpredictable, with moments where they might just be playing with what could call “instrument,” others that interact with images or screens on the stage and even some in which you are part of their show, what an experience!

In Chicago, you see, you can find a variety of places for your night or many nights become completely different experiences! So let’s make up your mind to enjoy the city nights!

Chicago… a Real Wonderland in the Summer!

From June to September, the city goes through many activities of all cultural fields– to enjoy with family, friends, your partner or even… alone!

There are countless activities not to miss for any reason if you are in Chicago during the summer!

Among these multitudinous activities, you can have a good time enjoying comedy and dance events, earn a few extra pounds on the many food festivals or enjoy a good homemade beer to enjoy the four sunniest months of the year. Let’s look at a few of the most important festivals that illuminate the city in those days!


Chicago Blues Festival
Chicago and blues always go hand in hand. It was in this city where the foundations of rock and roll were created to forget the blues acoustic instruments and start using electric ones! An ideal space to delight the ears! and the best! This event is the world’s largest FREE blues concert!!!!

Taste of Chicago
This time Grant Park lends itself as one of the most “delicious” spaces throughout the city, as it is occupied by the Taste of Chicago, a tasty food festival that is usually made around June 10 and lasting 4 days.

Despite the high temperatures and flies hovering around food, Taste of Chicago is one of the most beloved and iconic events of chicagoans summer. In addition to pamper the palate with delicious flavors offered by the festival, you can enjoy live music … and to digest better .. yes! It’s free!

Just For Laughs
While not free, worth attending! … Located in different parts of the city, Just for laughs, the largest company of comedy in the country seeks to provoke happiness and the wildest laughter in their events! .. Those events are extremely funny and are of those you can not miss if you love laughter.

Grant Park Music Festival
Every year, the Pritzker Pavilion in Millennium Park hosts free performances of classical music and world music. It is a free festival where your senses can fly at hearing the beauty in every musical note played. It’s just beautiful! This festival is a worthy synonymous with “drench the soul with art, sensitivity and culture”


Wavefront Music Fest in Montrose Beach
There is no better way to start the month of July than enjoying live music on the beach. Wavefront Music Festival is a giant electronic party, ideal to spend a very good time and meet people at the pace of this extroverted musical style. Its entrance is not free, but I assure you you will not regret your investment!

Square Roots
Lincoln Square is the host this time with a good outdoor event AT NO COST where in addition to traditional American music and world music you can enjoy delicious craft beer and restaurants around!


And Summer in Chicago is not summer without Lollapalooza. This massive festival has been held since 2005 in Grant Park and thanks to him, you can enjoy the most famous artists of world class today. Unfortunately I can not say it’s free, but worths every penny it costs! Magnificent!

Chicago Jazz Fest
chicago jazz fest
And finally (although there are many other activities remained to talk about them later), I must say that the Chicago Jazz Fest is one of the greatest festivals I’ve ever been to. And it makes me happy to tell you that it’s also FREE!

With different outdoor stages, it assigns a space for breathing and basking in the coolest cultural environment.

So I hope that this summer you get motivated to participate in these (among others) fantastic activities that only “Chicago – Wonderland” brings with the arrival of the sun!


Eating will always be one of the biggest pleasures in life. Being at home, working, studying, doing anything you can imagine, eating will be the best activity ever… but… when you travel, eating becomes sometimes a monster if you want to “keep your line”, since it’s a torture to see all the food and desserts over the dishes saying “heey! here we are! wanting to be tasted by you, we are sure you won’t regret!”… but hey, if you’re on vacation, your diet should also be!  I mean, exercise exists! When you go back home, your usual food habits will return to your life. While so, tasting new delicious plates and delighting your palate is going to be a perfect complement of your trip and I’m gonna help you find the best places to do it as you know new things about different cultures.

Chicago is named the “city of neighborhoods” so you can conclude this has given place to the creation of many ethnic restaurants… and… let me tell you.. they’re amazing!! So let’s begin exploring the best places to satisfy your taste buds and curiosity.


In Chicago West Loop you will find a Greek town!… shellfish and  flamed cheese  are  only the principal dish at restaurants like: Athena, Roditys and Santorini…. Absolutely fantastic!!! 

Walking a bit more to the south, you will find the little Italy and Taylor Street.. walk a little bit more and you’ll see the Old Italy, a perfect town to have your own Pasta Party! Mamma mia!!!

Now, keep traveling from one to other side of the world just by walking a few blocks… I mean… we must never forget Chinatown!!… (Personally, I love Chinese food!),  there’s a majestic  gate that marks the official entrance to the place in which you’ll taste a great variety of delighting flavors born in Asia: Minghin Restaurant. (At this point I can’t give any expressions in chinese… I mean… no idea! haha!)

And in case you’re still enough hungry to continue with the world’s gastronomy research (if so, it’s like… Omg! what the heck kind of gulping down machine are you?) you’re lucky to find Chicago’s own version of Bombay!, full of bakeries, Indian and pakistanies shops and, of course, awesome resturants such as India House and Indian Garden just in the area of Michigan Avenue.

As you can see (at least read ’till this point), ethnic gastronomy is an essencial part of sightseeing in this beautiful city, many cultures can be imagined and lived for a while by yourself while eating their plates… but… we can really speak about a “food colonization” if thinking of the more than 180 thai restaurants located all around the city… Just go figure! they don’t even have a specific “town” to work as others.. People in Chicago definetly love this kind of food!… an absolutely recommended among these ones?… Star of Siam!, this might be the first thai restaurant placed ever in the city… the oldest and the greatest one! You’ll find it in Illinois Street, right in the east of State Street.

Finally, if you prefer a fast option after having a lot of fun in  family (which usually makes you feel reaaally hungry…)  and you’ve been spending your day in the downtown, don’t hesitate in looking for the River North neighborhood, in which you’ll have several options (really close one to others) to enjoy together the lunch… Rock N’ Roll Mc Donalds, Ed Debevic’s, The Rain Forest Café and Portillo’s are only 8 to 9 blocks after the Michigan avenue’s bridge, so, there’s no reason for staying cooking at the room’s kitchen… You came to Chicago to enjoy holidays and food’s definetly waiting for your palate!…

Leave the diet at home and start living vacations the way only you deserve! Yummy!!!